Verdict, Sword and Scale Episode 172 guest appearance as an expert, odds and ends

Happy 2021 to all. Let’s hope it’s a better year than the last. 2020 was a very difficult year for many, and it was no different for those of us who present publicly at conferences and trainings. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year for all.

In December of last year, Shawna Bieber was convicted in Tarrant County, Texas of Criminal Attempt Injury to a Child for the repeated suffocation of her 6 month old child. Shawna’s previous infant child had died under extremely suspicious circumstances. This is a case that I investigated. Shawna agreed to plea guilty and go “open” to the judge for punishment. This means the judge had the full range of punishment at his disposal (2-20 years in prison). Keep in mind that Shawna had no criminal history and there wasn’t proof she killed her first child. Shawna was sentenced to 12 years in prison, a good outcome for this case. See the below two links for information on that case.

I also was asked to provide expert commentary on Sword and Scale podcast #172, which detailed the medical child abuse murder of Colorado victim Olivia Grant. The podcast was VERY well done and resourced. I provided a linked below to a news story when the offender was arrested and the link to the podcast.

We were able to hold two full day trainings at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office training academy for the Child Advocacy team here in Tarrant County, one in February and one in October with limited attendance. Both were received well.

2021 is shaping up nicely. We all have unfortunately adjusted to online training (I personally believe in-person training is more much effective) and are moving forward. Adapt and overcome. Hopefully with the vaccine, we will be back to as close to normal as possible in the fall.

Everyone be safe out there.

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